2018 Club Champion Awards wrap

A fabulous night at Southern Golf Club last night for the Club Champion Dinner to celebrate the 2018 season. Congratulations to all award winners! We look forward to seeing every back at Jack Barker Oval in 2019.

1st – Jack Barclay
2nd – Daniel Vaughan
3rd – Drew Kelly
Rookie of the Year – Anthony Malamas

1st – Paul Sanders
2nd – Dayton Woodham
3rd – Tim Lawson

1st – Brandon Mulcair
2nd – Anthony Cilia
3rd – Greg Camilleri/Damien Jones

Netball – Div. 2
1st – Emma Valeri
2nd – Annabelle Gorman

Netball – Div. 3
1st – Dayna Mignone
2nd – Georgie Whittle

Netball – Div. 5
1st – Jessica Credlin
2nd – Tessa McKay

Netball – Div. 8
1st – Brooke Davis
2nd – Janice Lamb

Bob Blake Most Courageous Award
Jen Frees

Best Club Persons
Steph Geschke
Stephen Brosnahan