Barclay named 2018 Club Champion

A fabulous night at Southern Golf Club last night for the Club Champion Dinner to celebrate the 2018 season. Congratulations to all award winners!

1st – Jack Barclay
2nd – Daniel Vaughan
3rd – Drew Kelly

Rookie of the Year
Anthony Malamas

1st – Paul Sanders
2nd – Dayton Woodham 
3rd – Tim Lawson

1st – Brandon Mulcair
2nd – Anthony Cilia
3rd – Greg Camilleri/Damien Jones

Netball – Div. 2 
1st – Emma Valeri
2nd – Annabelle Gorman

Netball – Div. 3 
1st – Dayna Mignone
2nd – Georgie Whittle

Netball – Div. 5
1st – Jessica Credlin
2nd – Tessa McKay

Netball – Div. 8
1st – Brooke Davis
2nd – Janice Lamb

Bob Blake Most Courageous Award
Jen Frees

Best Club Persons
Steph Geschke
Stephen Brosnahan

See below for photos from the night…