AFL Quality Club Program


The Australian Football League recognises that club volunteers and administrators make a significant contribution to Australian Football. We also recognise that the demands on club volunteers and administrators are increasing along with the need for clubs to operate in a professional manner.

The AFL Community Club Improvement Program has been specifically developed to assist clubs to examine their current operations and identify areas for improvement.

Good Sports Club


We are Australia’s largest health initiative in community sport. We work with clubs at every level to set them up for success to create a healthier club environment.

Our three-step accreditation program is a simple game plan for improving the wellbeing of your club. From your rookie induction (level 1) to taking action (level 2), and planning for long-term success (level 3), our team will take you through the program step-by-step.

Level 3 puts everything into practice from levels 1 and 2 to create a comprehensive alcohol management policy for the club. The policy is developed in level 3 because it is important that clubs change their alcohol management practices before the document is written. This ensures the policy is embedded into management and culture, making the operating procedures sustainable.

By completing level 3, clubs have reached the top of the Good Sports program and will continue to maintain their level 3 status, opening up opportunities for more participants, spectators and sponsors, along with a vastly improved environment for children and families.

Gambling's Not A Game


A Responsible Gambling Charter has been developed to help clubs take a responsible approach to gambling.

The sporting clubs program aims to counter the growing culture of gambling in sport by supporting clubs across Victoria to take a responsible approach to gambling.

Managed by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, the voluntary program is about raising awareness of the risks of gambling and creating responsible and healthy club environments.

It’s about focusing on the love of the game, not the odds.